We’re raising funds for UAV for 226th battalion of KHARKIV

Fundraising completed
10,000 / 10,000
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The drone went into production!

Fundraising is completed. Thanks to everyone who helped!
We are a little short of funds, but we will cover the rest ourselves. Today we paid 50% of the price according to the contract.

The raffle of the gift from the 226th Battalion and the winner will be announced in the next post. Also we will generate and show detailed information about all donations within this fundraising.

Personal information is hidden for security purposes

The guys will gift the tube from RPG-22 which was successfully used on the equipment of invaders.

The conditions are quite simple - every 2.50 $ donated is one ticket in the raffle. The process of choosing the winner will be recorded. We will provide a report.
Be sure to indicate your phone number or Telegram/Instagram nickname in the comments to your payment to participate in the raffle. We can't identify donations without comments, so they won't be included in the raffle. We can send the gift only within Ukraine.
Add your wishes for the occupiers to comments, which the soldiers will write on the shells and deliver to the address.


  • 1 Choose a drone / manufacturer and discuss details
  • 2 Start raising funds
  • 3 Make a prepayment to the manufacturer to start production
  • 4 Complete the fundraising and report back
  • 5 Choose the winner and hand over the used tube from RPG-22
  • 6 Wait for the drone to be ready, pay the remaining amount
  • 7 Deliver the drone to Kharkiv, transfer it to the military unit
  • 8 Report to the community

The reports on raising funds for the drone from 7:00 p.m. October 7, 2022 to 7:00 p.m. October 20, 2022

50% prepayment (part 1)
50% prepayment (part 2)
The last 50% of the payment
Sales Invoice
Transfer and Acceptance Act to the account of the military unit